Welcome to the Creative971 E-Commerce online training. We are the leading Shopify expert agency based out of Dubai and cater to the UAE, GCC and the full Middle East. We are proud to present this 10 Step E-Commerce online course to you guys. Apart from solid knowledge around Shopify and Ecommerce in the UAE and GCC we are sharing agency insights, that will help you to localize your Ecommerce business better and hence be set up for the right success expectations. See us as your Shopify Ecommerce mentors that coach you virtually through this online course in order to understand your E-Commerce business within the UAE and the region.

So that’s what this is about, our online training is built to coach you virtually on how to approach and build your online business smartly while leveraging on regional knowledge. You can be a part of this online training course whether you are interested to start your E-Commerce online business or are in the stages of starting it or already having an E-Commerce business and want to improve and maximize your knowledge or sales.

After these 10 Step online classes you will look at E-Commerce differently as you will know then that it’s not about only placing a product onto a website.

If you wish to know more about your virtual Shopify E-Commerce mentors, then click the link “About Creative971” in the navigation menu.

Apart from this "E-COMMERCE BLUEPRINT PROGRAM" we do offer a Subscription for 29.99$ to keep up to date on news around Shopify, Creative971 and the E-Commerce market in the UAE/GCC.

Working with the platform Shopify in the UAE pays off in multiple ways, this online course is prepared for any Shopify E-Commerce startups and businesses in the UAE, but particularly gives insights on the Shopify platform, since Creative971 is the leading Shopify agency within the UAE and the Middle East. Creative971 works only on Shopify, so whatever you require in the future, we cover Shopify Web Design, Shopify Web Development and Shopify local guidance and support.

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